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Reviews of King of Swords


‘With his second novel, Kings of Swords, Stone really gets into his stride … This is brilliantly assured storytelling: fast-paced,  funny, frightening’                                                                 



Stone has a grand story to tell, and he does it with panache. It’s the story of a city and an era, at once hilarious and tragic. It’s a story filled with characters that range from honorable to morally ambiguous to frighteningly evil. It’s filled with voodoo rituals, crooked cops, street life ... brilliant.

Booklist - Starred Review


‘A healthy mixture of thriller and hardboiled crime novel, with a hint of the supernatural thrown in to spice it up, King of Swords is not only the perfect follow up to Mr Clarinet but a damn fine crime thriller in its own right.’ 


‘He is a master of the period and definitely brings those times to life so much so that one wants to have a long cool drink and wash one's hands after reading. Well done.’                               

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