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Mr Clarinet

THE JOB; find a rich man's kidnapped son in Haiti.


THE REWARD: $10 million to bring the boy back alive.


THE MAN: Max Mingus, ex cop, ex-PI and now ex-con.


THE STAKES: his predecessors haven't just failed, they're been destroyed...Max Mingus knows the price of a bad risk, but he takes the Haiti job because no one else will.


A lawless of voodoo and black magic where each man must face his personal demons, Haiti is also home to a monster they call Mr Clarinet - infamous for spiriting countless children away from their families. In searching for the boy - alive or dead - Max has only his life to lose. But in Haiti, there are fates far worse than death...


Available as: Hardcover, Paperback, eBook, Audio CD


ISBN13: 978-0060897291

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