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Voodoo Eyes

October 2008, Miami. A few days before the historic victory of Barack Obama in the presidential elections, Max Mingus, ex-cop, ex-alcoholic and ex-con, sees his life turned upside-down in forty-eight hours.


Eldon Burns, his mentor, and Joe Liston, his best friend, are both brutally murdered.


The trail leads to Vanetta Brown, a former Black Panther accused of killing a policeman in 1960. She fled to Cuba to evade capture and has been living there in exile, under the protection of the Castro regime ever since.


Mingus is blackmailed into going to Cuba to bring Vanetta Brown back to face justice in the US. Once there he finds himself out of his depth and sinking fast. No one is who they seem and everyone has their own agenda.


Available as: Hardcover, Paperback, eBook, Audio Download

ISBN13: 978-0751543230

French video of Nick talking to Christian Tortel about Voodoo Eyes (published as Cuba Libre ​in France).

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