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Reviews of The Verdict

The Verdict … is a terrific legal thriller in which long-buried secrets acquire the force of deadly weapons. … The writing is vivid and energetic, and Stone has John Grisham's flair in the court scenes.’                                                 

The Guardian


'Nick Stone has been described as the London John Grisham. The Verdict... is a rattling good read.'

The Daily Express - The Best New Books of 2014 


'Combining an intricately crafted mystery with some fantastically tense court scenes, this is a quite brilliant thriller'.

Sunday Mirror


'It's a relief to have English courtroom scenes described by an author who knows better than to scatter the dialogue with cries of 'objection' and the sound of a gavel, and a pleasure to read someone who so obviously understands legal practice... this is a very enjoyable legal thriller'.

Literary Review


'Now and then there's a book worth really shouting about. So listen up, this is the best legal thriller in years... Easily surpasses anything by John Grisham since The Firm, and Stone writes with such pace and descriptive flair he's coming up in Michael Connelly's rearview mirror. There's murder, sex, twists galore and electrifying court scenes. Stone's a star!'

Alex Gordon - Peterborough Evening Telegraph


'This is terrific stuff... an unrelenting narrative grip right up to its courtroom climax'

Barry Forshaw - The Daily Express


'Grips the attention from start to finish.'

Choice Magazine


'You've got to read this... It's why they invented books'.

Jon Wise - The Sport


'A really exciting British legal thriller - now, that's not something that comes along every month. Nick Stone's The Verdict combines tense courtroom scenes with plenty of out of court action... I loved it'.

The Morning Star


'One of our greatest crime novelists, Nick Stone takes on the legal thriller with this muscular and compelling novel . . . A brilliant look at loyalty and justice, this is the best British legal thriller for years'

Catholic Herald


‘I loved it. Immediately engrossed I could hardly bear to put it down. …  So well written and absolutely moving at a perfect pace, with some really terrific characters … This was a well-drawn and compelling mystery thriller.’          

Goodreads/Liz Loves


'A gripping thriller'

N.J. Cooper - Bookoxygen


'Packs a greater punch even than his previous books'



'A great legal thriller'



'It makes c0mplusive reading, and there's great pace and tension in the constant shifting of positions and loyalties, and the revelations surrounding the case that make this much more than a simple murder trial'




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